meat replacement

Noodles with green asparagus

Ever since the asparagus season started this year, I make these delicious quick noodles with green asparagus every other week.

Pasta bake with courgette

This pasta bake has been inspired by our trip through Sicily. The trick to make it delicious is to choose a quality tomato sauce as your base.

Twist on a Dutch plate

A twist on a traditional Dutch plate: potatoes, meat, vegetables. Thanks to modern meat replacements this an easy meal to make vegetarian.

Green risotto

A family favourite, this is how I learned to prepare risotto. Creating our own stock, this dish will make you coming back for more.

Spring mash with sausages

This spring mash with vegetarian sausages is a great year-round meal, but best, you guessed it, in the spring.

Quick curry chicken

This quick and delicious meal is ready within 25 minutes. This curry chicken will be an instant favourite.

Cottage pie

Everyone has a version of their favourite pie with mince meat and veggies. This is Jennifer’s version using a basic recipe and adding Vivera mince and extra greens.