Perfect traybake

This simple traybake is perfect for any day, but especially for those days where you don’t want to bother with dinner but are still craving something delicious and filling.

Kale mash (Dutch classic)

Mashed potatoes with curly kale and sausages is for many Dutch people their favourite winter dish. And conveniently, it’s is easy and quick to make vegetarian!

Carrot mash

A nostalgic quick mash which is perfect for a busy weekday or at any day as comfort food.

Satay chicken roast

With home made satay sauce, crispy steamed broccoli and tasty potatoes we are left with a protein rich comfort food that somehow manages to be super healthy!

A vegetarian BBQ buffet

You can rock up to your next BBQ with your vegetarian burger and those two amazing salads, and I promise you will have a great time.

Baked potatoes

A potato “meat” vegetable dish steeped in tradition and family inspiration.

Savoury pie

This savoury pie takes a little longer to prepare but while it’s in the oven, you’re free to do other things!

Twist on a Dutch plate

A twist on a traditional Dutch plate: potatoes, meat, vegetables. Thanks to modern meat replacements this an easy meal to make vegetarian.

Spring mash with sausages

This spring mash with vegetarian sausages is a great year-round meal, but best, you guessed it, in the spring.