Quinoa bowl with peanut sauce

I love “bowls”. In other words: dishes with a little bit of everything that when eaten together creates a tasty harmony. It is often served with rice or another grain. This time: quinoa.

Sweet and sour tofu stirfry

An easy variation on a favourite takeaway meal, creating a sweet and sour stifry that is both delicious and healthy.

Winter balti curry

This delicious adaptation of an Indian curry is the perfect comfort food.


A filling one-pot meal with rice, raisins and apricots.

Taco night

Who says that tacos are only a quick snack? With this recipe you transform this popular street food into a hearty and filling meal.

West African peanut stew

A delicious stew with some of my favourite ingredients: peanut butter combined with butternut squash and a bunch of flavourful spices.

Thai red curry

I like curries because they’re so flexible — spicy, sweet, filled with vegetables, lentils, or a meat replacement. This Thai red curry uses a simple recipe that you can put on the table in no time.

Satay chicken roast

With home made satay sauce, crispy steamed broccoli and tasty potatoes we are left with a protein rich comfort food that somehow manages to be super healthy!