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Tips and inspiration

How To Eat Vegetarian More Often

If you have never consciously tried to make your meals vegetarian, the task can seem quite daunting. More Than Broccoli ...
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An introduction to meat replacements

The world of meat replacements can be quite daunting. While there have been many new products introduced in the past ...
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Our readers’ favourite recipes.

Noodles with spicy mince meat

These delicious quick noodles are my go-to meal for busy weekdays. Colourful and with just a little extra spice, this ...
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Pasta bake with courgette

This simple pasta bake has been inspired by our trip through Sicily. Our visit to Sicily really taught us what ...
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Tempeh goreng

This Indonesian-inspired dish is a quick weekday meal with one of my favourite ingredients: tempeh. I got to know tempeh ...
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This hearty tagine with roots vegetables has quickly become one of my favourite dishes. The dish is a perfect example ...
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Cottage pie

Everyone has their own version of their favourite pie filled with mince meat and veggies. This pie comes in many ...
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Latest recipes

Kung pao cauliflower with chickpeas

This delicious stirfry with Chinese flavors is perfect for a quick, filling weeknight meal. I found the original recipe in the magazine of Co-op, but I adapted it slightly by ...
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Noodles with crispy tofu

The best way to eat tofu is to fry it, really. Combine it with noodles and stir-fried vegetables and you have a winner on your hands. This dish is a ...
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Vegetarian for a week

Inspired by the annual Dutch campaign “Week Without Meat” we have created a week menu that shows how versatile and familiar eating vegetarian can be.

Spring mash with sausages

I have been eating this dish for about seven years. It is a dish that my grandmother, my moeke, had ...
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Tortellini salad with pesto

This tortellini salad is a perfect evening meal but also works well for lunch the next day. Originally a BBC ...
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Chili sin carne

This chili sin carne is a hearty dish thanks to a combination of beans and quinoa. The dish is originally ...
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Spaghetti bolognese

A favourite in our kitchen is spaghetti bolognese. Made with delicious vegetarian mincemeat. This dish will make the whole family ...
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Colourful quinoa salad

This salad was created after we had some leftover veggies, feta and fresh spinach. We didn't want to waste any ...
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Carrot soup with roasted peppers

A simple soup that you could make with all types of vegetables. The addition of roasted peppers makes this delicious ...
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Burger and sweet potato fries

Who doesn’t love a good burger? This is something you do not need to miss out on when you are ...
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